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Do you remember all the curiosities you had as a child and how excited you were at the little things… posing questions to the universe that only God could really answer?

black lava on the Bi Island of Hawaii
Lehua Blossoms through the black lava on the Big Island of Hawaii

These are the expressions that come to mind as you explore the mysteries of the Big Island of Hawaii…especially the active volcano of Kilauea. In all her glory, Madame Pele has given a magnificent show since 1983. Flaming red skies, towering fountains of molten lava and bellowing clouds of steam as it approaches the ocean have amazed visitors as well as the local residents. It is a humbling experience witnessing the creation of earth and realizing how delicate our environment really is. Even with the devastating loss of Kalapana, which was cherished for its historic sites and black sand beaches, we have learned that with every ending there is a new beginning. More than 550 acres of new land has erupted from the ocean floor making Hawaii the youngest of all the islands on earth.

Hawaii Big Island black sand beach
Big Island of Hawaii

Punalu’u Black Sand Beach is a great example of Madame Pele’s grace to give as well as take. Mentioned as the third “Best Beach” in Hawaii on the Travel Channel, it is one of the few black sand beaches safe for swimming and only fifteen minutes from Hale Aloha Aina. This beautiful and exotic beach has become the home of the once endangered Green Sea Turtle known as “HONU”. You will find this gentle spirit basking in the sun without a care. Another treasure found on this side of the Big Island is the magical GREEN SANDS BEACH. This beach is made from Hawaii’s only gem, sparkling green Olivine. Thirty minutes from the cottage there is a hiking trail that leads you around to the coast line of South Point and then to this secluded hideaway beach. Ka Lae, also known as South Point, is the southernmost point in the United States and where the first Polynesians landed by boat.

South Point Big Island Hawaii
Hawaii's Big Island has the Southern most point in the United States

The quaint towns of Naalehu and Waiohinu are close by and once visited upon by Mark Twain.

There is a museum dedicated to his works and his wonderful romance with the islands of Hawaii. Even though he wrote these words during the 1800’s, paradise never ceases to be paradise and his words will live forever. “Portions of that little journey bloomed with beauty… the rich verdant hue of these fairy parks was relieved and varied by the splendid carmine of tassels of the ohia tree. Nothing was lacking but the fairies themselves.”

Hawaii Big Island attractions
One of the many attractions on the Big Island of Hawaii

With the help of Mother Nature, Hawaii’s Big Island also known as the “Orchid Isles”, exhibits many wondrous gardens, waterfalls, and vistas to explore. The town of Hilo and the surrounding areas of Puna and Hamakua are within a day’s exploration and well worth the trip. You will marvel at the many species of tropical foliage at Onema’s Botanical Garden besides the many other gardens listed for you on the Botanigue.

amazing Kona sunset

A beautiful cascading waterfall, Akaka Falls drops 400 ft to mesmerize and enchant you. Wiapi'o Valley’s panoramic view is worth the visit, too. Portions of the movie “Water World” with Kevin Costner were filmed on this black sand beach where wild horses roam freely. If you like to shop for antiques Honokaa is a charming little town that might hold that special treasure you have been looking for. Liliokalani Park in Hilo is the scene for many weddings and family picnics. Do not miss the festive farmer’s market in Hilo on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s. This is a great place to barter for fresh flowers, vegetables and locally made gifts. Meander your way to the bay front stores of Hilo and eat at one of our local favorites Café Pesto.

amazing Kona sunset
Snorkel in the warm ponds of Kapoho.

Some of the best snorkeling is only 90 minutes away towards Kona or Puna. Clear blue waters and colorful tropical fish are easily accessible while snorkeling near the City of Refuge, Puuhonua O Honaunau, which is also a sacred historic site. Towards Puna, you can snorkel in the warm sheltered tide pools near Kapoho Beach Lots. This is a great place for beginners. Scuba diving is a favorite on the Big Island because of the clear visibility and warm waters.

Hawaii Big Island attractions
See the Hawaiian carvings at yet another place to visit on the Big Island of Hawaii

Known for its diversity, the Big Island offers a unique experience with 11 of the 13 climates on one island. It has marveled scientists from all over the world and never ceases to amaze us. There is something for everyone. From the dense jungles of the Hamakua Coast, the exotic rainforests of Volcano Town, the snow capped mountain of Mauna Kea, the rolling pastures of the Kohala mountain, to the pristine white sand beaches of Waikaloa , you will find a paradise like no other. So if you are looking forward to a vacation full of adventure and discovery, Hawaii’s Big Island is the place to be! Take a short tour of the Big Island to familiarize your self with the geography of each region and their unique characteristics. Check out the Coffee Times "Island Tour" for a virtual tour online.

East Hawaii Coast
Watch the surfers at Hilo Beaches

There are so many incredible places to visit and too many to list. We would be happy to help you plan your days events and tailor your vacation to your needs and desires. Check out Things to do and Places to go for easy links.

- - - Guest Reviews - - -

Aloha Tom and Missy,

amazing Kona sunset

You are truly blessed with a very special place. I say Mahalo, Mahalo, and Mahalo for sharing this blessing. As a local boy born and raised on this special island when life was so simple and carefree…your home took me back to those special times and places in my life. I sit here on your lanai reminiscing of many yesterdays cheers and smiles…it all came rushing back. It make me truly appreciate the land and the aloha spirit you have shared. I live and work in the rat race of Kona and Waikoloa, I have stayed at every resort along the coast and never has a place brought me so much peace. It is that same peace that has brought me to evaluate my priority’s and needs in life. Do I sell it all and move to wood valley??? Your hale has made me feel more connected to the aina than I have felt in a long time. Why do we need anything else? This exact thought leaves me to say this… to all the hale aloha aina visitors you are blessed… blessed to have found this special place. I am glad you have chosen to enjoy our aina instead of big commercialized hotels. Remember… the things that have made Hawaii what it is today. It is the people, the natural beauty and wonder of these islands and the aloha spirit.

Tom and missy again say Mahalo plenty for allowing me to take time to relax and reminisce to what life is really about.

Aloha Hui ho, Chaze
Kona Resort Shell vacation

Aloha Missy and Tom!

We are back in Wisconsin after a wonderful time in Hawaii thanks to the absolutely great experience at Hale Aloha Aina. You really do have your own little paradise there. We will never forget this experience. We wished we could stay longer. It was much more than we expected - you have everything we could have wanted - and needed. The setting in incredible - just our ticket!

Gretchen and I did a lot of exploring, from the Kona area on the west to Akaka Falls and the botanical gardens on the east. We had rented an SUV so we made the trip to the top of Mauna Key. We love the mountains and this was a great time. We hiked around the rim of the summit and also took the hike around the permafrost lake. Of course, we spent a day at Volcanoes Parks and hiked out to the steam flume. (The day we left, the park closed the hike for fear of a break/slide, in the lava.) We took in the macadamia nut plantation, too. We did some snorkeling at the tide pools south of Pahoa and also hiked to green beach. We loved the Hilo market and visited twice - Sat. and Wed. Mornings and evenings were spent walking around Hale Aloha Aina, enjoying three views and the fruit, and also relaxing. We bought fresh fish and experienced many foods we had never eaten, enjoying them at Hale Aloha Aina - it was fun!

Again, Missy and Tom, thank you for the opportunity and for you sharing your
special place.

All the best to both of you!!!!



. . .


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